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Baling Accessories

Did you know we also stock a range of baling accessories to complement our waste balers and help you create the perfect bale, every time? In fact, our North Yorkshire warehouse is packed with related products so if you need something you can’t see, please ask – we bet we can help!

Not found exactly what you’re looking for? Our range of consumables is incredibly extensive, with a number of different lengths, widths and breaking strains available. So why not call us on 01423 325038 for a quote specific to your needs?

Tipper Skips from: £650 (ex. delivery) Suitable for use in a multitude of industries, our forklift tipping skips help keep working areas clear and allow safe and speedy removal of scrap or rubbish to the appropriate waste receptacle or collection point
  • Full width release handles eliminates need to lean in between the skip and truck mast
  • Heavy duty steel underframe offering long service life properties
  • Twin locking mechanism for added safety to ensure skip is locked if loaded unevenly
  • Pre-drilled castor plates for retro fitment of castors (no welding required)
  • Safety security chain to ensure safe retention to forklift truck
  • Bolted tipping handle for easy replacement (no welding required)

From £650.00£995.00

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Price (ex. delivery) from: £3.25 * All prices exclude VAT
Baling tape safety knife Baling tape safety knife
Baling tape safety knife
  • Form-fitting handle
  • Non-removable stainless steel blade prevents looseness and hazards
  • Effortlessly cuts through baling tape, stretch/shrink wrap and opens boxes
Bundle Prices based on quantity
added to cart:
1 Bundle = £4.00, 2-5 Bundles = £3.75, 6-10 Bundles = £3.50, 10+ Bundles £3.25

From £3.25£4.00

Price (ex. delivery) from: £139 * All prices exclude VAT
  • Compact baler trolley
Prices based on quantity
added to cart:
1 x Compact Baler Trolley = £139

From £146.00

Price (ex. delivery) from: £18.50 * All prices exclude VAT
Baler hook Baler hook
Baler hook
  • Baler hook
  • Suitable for both baling tape and baling twine
Prices based on quantity
added to cart:
1 x Baler Hook = £18.50

From £18.50

Price (ex. delivery) from: £65 * All prices exclude VAT
Bag stand Bag stand
Bag stand
  • Polythene bag stand
Prices based on quantity
added to cart:
1 Stand = £65

From £65.00


Not found the baling accessories you’re looking for?

If you’re trying to create the perfect recycling operation, but you’re missing the crucial final ingredient, don’t worry – the chances are we can get hold of the baling accessories you require. In fact, we are determined to satisfy all clients’ requests, however unusual, so give us a call to describe what you need, and we’ll do our best to source it!

You can contact the Riverside team on 01423 325038, email, or complete our short enquiry form.

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Client Testimonial

“I regularly purchase baling consumables and accessories from Riverside, as they are competitively priced and always readily available, so I don’t have to over-stock. I would have no hesitation in recommending Riverside for any baling accessory requirements.”

Bill Walton, ATK Equipment

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Our Aftersales Care

A number of organisations – especially those making the first step to improve their waste handling capabilities – are a little apprehensive about what happens after their investment in a waste baler. What if their plant manager gets a new job and there’s a knowledge gap? What if they make a mistake and a small repair is needed? These worries are perhaps natural, but there’s really nothing to panic about.

Firstly, our waste balers are incredibly easy to use, but secondly, our baling engineers will be with you every step of the way, long after the initial procurement. Providing training, service and maintenance expertise, spare parts or simply a waste handling review, we’ll help you maximise the return from your investment, for years to come.

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