Service And Maintenance

Waste baler servicing – prevention is cheaper than cure

It is an overused phrase, and a bit of a cliché, but the age-old saying ‘prevention is cheaper than cure’ really is true. Just as we send our cars to be routinely inspected by mechanical experts to ensure they are in correct working order, we should adopt the same proactive approach to looking after waste balers too. So how can we help?


Operator training

By design, our waste balers have been engineered so that they’re easy to use. That simplicity also extends to the maintenance – in fact, as part of the operator training we deliver at the commissioning stage, we advise a number of quick steps that clients can undertake to keep their equipment running smoothly.

Did you know we offer refresher training too, to ensure operators maintain their knowledge and certified competence?

Regular servicing

We also recommend an annual service so that the same engineering experts who have installed your waste baler, can come and give it a thorough inspection when the time is right. Depending on the usage of your baler, we may recommend a different servicing frequency better suited to your needs. Very much a machinery health check, a baler service strives to optimise the ongoing performance of your equipment. We look for evidence of wear and tear, and dig deep to uncover any indications of potential future problems. We call this approach ‘preventative maintenance’. This reduces the likelihood of any unplanned downtime and minimises the future expenditure required to undertake potentially costly repairs. This servicing expertise is available throughout the UK, and on any waste baler regardless of the manufacturer.

Talk to us about a service and maintenance contract, available from as little as £160 + VAT

Baler repairs  

If you don’t have a waste baler servicing contract, we can still help with any repair requirements that you have. Our specialist engineers will aim to resolve the problem as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, before leaving you with advice to help prevent any recurring faults or future technical problems. SafeContractor-Roundel-R Report a waste baler problem… Running a non-RWM baler that keeps breaking down? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade…