Cost Benefits

Reduce your waste costs with a Riverside waste baler

Organisations that have never before considered a waste baler are approaching Riverside Waste Machinery to take control of their waste and convert their dry recyclable materials into manageable bales. Why? Because a robust and ergonomically designed waste baler can help companies slash their waste costs and even generate an additional revenue yield from the packaging materials they handle on a daily basis.


By pressing and therefore reducing the volume of their cardboard, paper, plastic and other packaging ‘waste’, our clients:

  • • Improve on-site cleanliness and safety
  • • Minimise waste collection and disposal costs
  • • Avoid escalating landfill charges
  • • Receive an income based on the commodity value of ‘scrap’ materials.

With a reliable Riverside Waste Machinery (RWM) baler, clients also benefit from comparably lower maintenance costs and increased machine uptime, which equates to further financial savings.

Calculating your ROI

Customers who purchase a waste baler outright can, on average, achieve a return on investment (ROI) within 12-18 months. However depending on the volume and type of materials being handled, and the baling technology selected, an ROI can even be seen as quickly as two months into the waste management operation. With a leased baler, a return could be generated in the first month alone.

Our waste balers can be purchased outright from as little as £2,000 + VAT, or £11 per week. Such impressive figures go to show that baling technology quickly becomes a value-adding business asset that helps companies work smarter and achieve cost savings, whilst supporting the UK’s environmental obligations.

Example waste handling scenario
Company ABC creates clean polythene and general waste that is removed from site via a £360 skip lift every week. This cost totals £1,560 per month. By separating clean polythene from the general waste, the number of skip lifts per month will be halved, saving £720 per month. If leasing ABC’s chosen polythene baler at £229.90 per month £720 per month saving = £229.90 baler lease rental = £490.10 saving per month. If purchasing ABC’s chosen polythene baler outright for £7,750 Baler purchase £7,750 / £720 saved on skips per month = ROI in less than 11 months.
NOTE: Any material rebate revenue received in addition to the above cost savings will only improve the return on investment and total monthly savings. For polythene bales this can be £55-150 per tonne, subject to market value.