RWM Glass Crusher

Because it’s a 100% recyclable product, glass is being referenced in more and more enquiries that come in via Riverside’s HQ. So, to help clients large and small with their own glass handling, we’ve introduced the RWM Glass Crusher into our waste machinery range.

As with many of our technologies, the primary goal of the RWM Glass Crusher is volume reduction. In fact, with a compaction ratio of 5:1, from bottles to cullet, our clients can reduce the frequency of their glass collections and therefore experience cost savings of up to 80%.

This is one of the many reasons why this small, safe and easy-to-use machine is popular with hotels, restaurants, pubs and recycling centres alike.


• Machine weight – 195kg
• Company ratio – 5:1
• Compatible with – 140l & 240l bins
• Power Supply – 13amp 1.5kW-230V-50Hz
• Noise Level – 100 decibels + crushing
• Overall Dimensions – 2191 x 1031 x 832mm