RWM HZ70 Horizontal Waste Baler

Like its sister-model – the RWM HZ50T – this large horizontal baler has been specifically engineered for use by higher volume waste producers/recyclers.With its semi-automatic capabilities it achieves greater throughputs and heavier bale weights with less manual input. But the machine’s features do not stop there. Designed with client flexibility in mind, the RWM HZ70T offers a variable press force, multiple in-feed methods, a wide range of recycling capabilities and bale weights of up to 650kg with minimal cycle times. Capable of tackling simple dry recyclables such as cardboard, paper and plastic film, as well as tougher materials such as mixed rigid plastics, the RWM HZ70T is supplied with ‘magic eyes’ which automatically start and stop the compaction cycle for maximum operational efficiency.


• Variable press force – 50/60/70 tonnes
• Loading aperture (W x D) – 1200 x 1009 mm
• Bale weight – up to 650kg
• Bale dimensions (H x W x D) – 750 x 1100 x 1200 – 1500mm
• Cycle time – 45 seconds
• Noise – 82 decibels
• Machine weight – 9500kg
• Power supply – 63amp 3 phase 22kW-400V-50Hz
• Overall dimensions (H x W x D) – 2300 x 7160 x 1775mm