What’s the difference between baler wire and baler twine?

What’s the difference between baler wire and baler twine?

When it comes to the world of baler consumables, operators would be forgiven for thinking that every product is the same. After all, the objective is always consistent – to help produce a secure bale.

However, there are actually a number of different baler consumables available in the marketplace. They can be supplied in various lengths, widths and with different breaking strains. And what suits one baler or material stream is not always ideal for the next.

So how exactly do you determine what type of baler consumable is right for your application? We’ve compiled some simple, straight-talking advice in this quick blog:

What is baler wire?

Baling wire provides the strongest method for securing mill-sized bales and will ensure you meet industry standards for baled material of this size and specification. For example, this robust baler consumable can easily ensure a bale of up to 650kg – or 1100 x 1500 x 1100mm – stays perfectly in tact!

See https://wastemachinery.co.uk/consumable/baling-wire/.

What specifications of baler wire are available? 

Riverside stocks both short and long baling wire, with a 3mm diameter. Different breaking strains are available, ranging from 22-28 tonnes per square inch. But that’s not all. We can supply a multitude of sizes and lengths – when we know your requirements, we’ll quote accordingly.

How much does baler wire cost?

Prices start from £35 (excluding delivery) for 25kg bundles.

What is baler twine?

This is a more traditional waste baler consumable that is typically used when operating smaller and mid-range vertical baling presses. It provides a cost-effective, robust way to secure bales by literally tying the materials together. It tends to prove more popular with organisations that have traditionally adopted this methodology, given some businesses don’t like change.

See https://wastemachinery.co.uk/consumable/baling-twine/.

What baler twine specifications are available?

Once again, a number of baler twine specifications are on offer, with varying lengths, reel diameters and breaking strains. The key thing is to talk to your baler consumables supplier about your specific needs.

How much does baler twine cost?

Prices start from £80 including delivery.

Don’t forget baling tape…

The third and final option is baling tape – a baler consumable that is high quality but low cost. It is a popular choice with operators of all shapes and sizes, probably because it is so neat, affordable and easy to use. If you didn’t know about this option, but are interested in finding out more, please visit our dedicated web page – https://wastemachinery.co.uk/consumable/baling-tape/.

Did you know: We offer a selection of baler wire, baler twine and baler tape, at competitive prices that we guarantee you won’t match in a like-for-like quote. If you’d like us to provide a no-obligation quote for your next baler consumables order, please call 01423 325038 or email sales@wastemachinery.co.uk.