Want to put a baler through its paces?

Want to put a baler through its paces?

It’s one thing us telling people how capable our balers are. It’s another thing when our clients share waste and recycling stories that evidence our bold claims. But it’s a different thing altogether when we let companies try out a baler for themselves!

For many people, the proof is in the pudding. So, we no longer simply expect potential customers to take our word for it.

We have recently launched a baler trial service which does exactly what it says on the tin!

Now, if someone wants to give one of our balers a try before they buy, then can do just that. We have a range of demo machines available at our North Yorkshire headquarters, and even welcome visitors to send us a sample of materials beforehand, so they can be certain the baler will live up to their specific waste handling challenge!

Or, if it’s more convenient for a prospective client to visit a site in their local area, we are more than happy to try and schedule a baler demonstration a little closer to home.

What’s more, the trial service is completely free.

Commenting on the launch of the demo option, Riverside’s managing director Jonathan Oldfield said: “We believe in offering choice and complete transparency during the baler procurement process. So, whether a customer wants to purchase or hire a machine, we will do everything we can to ensure we prove that we’ve recommended the right one.

“Already our trial service is proving popular, particularly when it comes to welcoming visitors to our North Yorkshire headquarters. When people learn how close we are to the M1 they know we’re nice and accessible – plus, they can have a nosey at what else goes on within our business  too!”

If you would like to organise a trial at Riverside’s HQ or closer to your own base, please call 01423 325038 or email sales@wastemachinery.co.uk.