To Shred or not to Shred your Confidential Waste

Riverside Waste Machinery

Chris Oldfield considers the UK market for confidential waste, and shares with you his expert opinion…

  • Are companies still going to shredding specialists for their kit or are they starting to go elsewhere?
  • Have there been any changes in the way confidential waste is being dealt with?
  • Is there more/less of it?

I would confidently say that companies are still turning to shredding specialists, not just for technology, but for the additional expertise they can provide. Clients often fully understand the confidential waste scenario they face, but they are unaware what solutions are available, what technology is the most suitable and what other assistance the shredding specialist can provide to ensure a complete ‘system’ and thus absolute confidentiality.

The four shaft cutting system – which was originally developed and patented by UNTHA over 25 years ago – still remains at the forefront of confidential waste shredding technology. We offer clients a machine with self-cleaning contra-shears, and the option to affix a screen onto the kit if required. Screens with holes of less than 25mm diameter for example guarantee small confetti-like particles which – especially when combined with the machine’s mixing action – ensure a greater DIN security level and consequently increased confidentiality.

The sophistication of technology available means that we can offer solutions for extremely varied client applications – slow speed, high torque technology is ideal for the shredding of adhesive labels for example, which upon first consideration may appear an awkward scenario.

Nevertheless, renowned for developing and delivering robust, cost-effective and innovative technology, UNTHA and Riverside are committed to continually offering greater client efficiencies year after year – and 2010 will be no different. This year we’re focusing on increasing material throughput and streamlining the look and feel of the shredders.

Because even though we find ourselves in the midst of an economic downturn the market has continued to grow. We have seen so many new enquiries from clients with confidential waste, and also companies requiring a product destruction solution.

Our technology and expertise is being sought in such diverse areas, from the shredding of banknotes to exam papers; stamps to hospital trusts’ patient documentation for example. However global political, economic, social and technological trends and developments mean that more and more wide-ranging items require a controlled destruction:

  • Growing concern surrounds corporate fraud and personal identity theft, meaning an increased amount of documentation is considered confidential
  • Since 9/11 there is a greater need to shred pilot and police officer uniforms
  • When cannabis ‘factories’ are uncovered, marijuana must be destroyed
  • Sadly we have even been asked to shred teddy bears so that they don’t end up on a car boot sale.