Spot the difference – brand new baler VS refurbished baler

Spot the difference – brand new baler VS refurbished baler

They’re not just a favourite childhood game – we’re having lots of fun with spot the difference puzzles in the office too!

People who know Riverside well, will know that we don’t just offer brand new waste balers for clients to purchase or hire. We also buy, sell and rent used machines too.

Sometimes the equipment has had a short life in a demonstration centre or a real recycling operation. On other occasions, the baler has been a trusty ‘workhorse’ for years and years.

These machines therefore come to us in varying conditions. They can look like they’ve emerged straight out of a showroom, and there are also those that proudly show just how hard they’ve worked for over ten years.

Either way, the machines are subject to the same inspection procedure when they arrive back at Riverside’s North Yorkshire HQ. One of our baler engineers will take the kit into our warehouse and audit its operational capabilities. They’ll look for obvious evidence of wear and tear before conducting a comprehensive 35-point inspection to assess its true condition.

There may then be many operational tweaks to make, so we replace, restore, lubricate and tighten accordingly. The balers often benefit from a shot-blast back to bare metal before powder coating the machines and they’re gleaming like new.

And the result? You truly can’t spot the difference, no matter how hard you look!

It’s worth noting that our balers are so robust, that sometimes organisations come   and ask for us to pass on the machines, as soon as we get them in. On these occasions, they’re simply ‘sold as seen’, because that client has utmost confidence that they’re fit for the job!

So, if you’re interested in any of the options you see here, why not browse through the selection of used balers that we currently have available, or contact us if you have a particular machine you’d like to sell, buy or hire.