Riverside Sells the New UNTHA XR Series Shredder

Riverside Waste Machinery

Riverside Waste Machinery Ltd and UNTHA Shredders are pleased to announce that they have sold a new UNTHA XR 2000S MSW Waste Shredder.

Riverside are the sole suppliers of UNTHA Shredders who are renowned for supplying shredders into the waste and recycling Industry in the UK. The new UNTHA XR Shredder has been designed specifically to shred Bulky Skip Waste and MSW for volume reduction, composting or waste to energy.

One of the major advantages of the new XR has to be it’s wear costs which are only approximately 10% of a traditional shredder.

The machine has a special foreign object protection system to protect them from damage by un-shreddable material, by utilising a frictional clutch arrangement. Any unshreddable items can be removed easily and safely using the hydraulic door arrangement without putting the operatives at risk and by eliminating the need to climb into the shredder to remove these items.

The final shredded particle size can be varied to suit the particular application by using screen bars.  These bars can be added or removed as required to give greater flexibility to ensure that the machine meets the requirements of each individual customer.

Chris Oldfield managing director at Riverside Waste Machinery points out how “The XR Shredder has already proved successful in Energy from Waste (EfW) plants all over mainland Europe, including the old eastern block. In Europe they have a lot more waste to energy plants, which serve the local community with heat and power. This is where the new UNTHA XR shredder can be used very effectively – for the pre shredding of municipal waste prior to incineration.

Riverside is also a large independent supplier of vertical balers.  The RWM ranges of low cost vertical balers are used for the baling of cardboard, plastics and paper etc. Machines can be supplied from stock with bale sizes ranging from 50 to 600 kg.  The RWM 75 kg baler comes complete with bale trolley and a 2 year warranty and is proving very popular with smaller businesses and shops etc.

RWM have recently introduced a new semi-automatic closed end baler for mill size bales.  The new machine can be fed using a conveyor, or bin lifter or by other mechanical means. The semi-automatic machine is marketed at a competitive price to ensure the success of the new range.

If you want to see an UNTHA XR Shredder in action shredding domestic refuse, mattresses, furniture, packaging waste, shredded at a rate of up to 60 tonne/hr give Chris Oldfield or Des Corcoran a call on 0845 450 5388 to make an appointment.