Riverside predicts shredder baler system will be hottest product for 2015

Riverside Waste Machinery

Riverside was interviewed by MRW Magazine this month, in order to provide readers with an in-depth insight into the HSM SP4040V, We predict that this will be one of our hottest waste handling products for this year. If you missed the coverage, you can find out why…


Q: What is your product/technology?

The HSM SP4040V – a German-engineered shredder baler system for confidential waste paper.

Q: How does it work?

This is a turnkey waste handling solution supplied as one unit. Waste paper is manually fed into the machine via an ergonomically-designed loading platform. A conveyor safely and continuously feeds material to the cutters, for secure shredding, before it is passed down a shoot into the semi-automatic baler. Magic-eye infra-red technology governs the simultaneous compression of materials until the maximum bale size is achieved.

A 44kN pressing power can produce 6-8 bales of 25-35kg, per hour.

Q: Where would it ideally be used?

By any business handling confidential paper-based information or data. The HSM SP4040V can process various types of sensitive documents such as customer records, personnel files, bank statements, or secure products such as cheques or bank notes.

Q: How is it different?

No other equipment competes at this size, in terms of quality or price.

Q: What benefits does it offer? 

Firstly, it provides businesses with the means to securely and cost-effectively handle their confidential waste, without it ever leaving their site. By shredding and baling the materials in one unit, users can also achieve DIN security levels P-2, P-3 or P-4, within a single machine. This further minimises the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, plus it has obvious space saving benefits too.

By taking greater control of the ‘waste’ they produce, businesses can also ensure the creation of a recyclable product. Their environmental credentials are strengthened as a result.

Q: Where has it been used?

It has proven especially popular with councils and printing firms, and in the finance, government, education & legal sectors.

Q: Cost?

There are so many machine configuration options, to suit the customer’s individual needs, making it hard to price exactly. However, the system is available from Riverside for outright purchase from £10,500, or as little as £58 per week on a lease rental.

Q: Any savings?

One piece of kit means less capital expenditure (than an investment in two machines), and the cost can soon be offset by the savings recouped from the termination of third party confidential waste handling services. For companies still using a standard, labour intensive office shredder, the ability to bulk process confidential paper saves vast amounts of time too.

For the majority of responsible firms, price will be of secondary importance anyway, because how do you put a price on data protection?

Q: What about maintenance?

The machine is easy for operators to self-maintain. For example a simple greasing pump at the front of the unit will keep all bearings well-oiled, in seconds. Like all equipment, the HSM SP4040V will benefit from a biannual service, intended to optimise running conditions and reduce unnecessary wear and tear.

Q: Any future applications?

This system can also handle other sources of confidential data such as CDs, floppy disks and USBs, with ease. Users are advised to process one material stream at once, however, to ensure the recyclate quality of the finished bale.

Q: How many have you sold and where?

This is the newest addition to Riverside’s product range and in two weeks we have sold two systems.

Q: Anything else?

Data is more commonly used and shared than ever before, which is continually presenting an ever-increasing number of companies with newfound confidential waste handling objectives. This is a fantastic light industrial shredder baler system, but we can also provide similar models with bigger handling capabilities. 

Interested in finding out more about this machine? Call Riverside on 01423 325038 or email info@wastemachinery.co.uk.