Riverside launches new online shop

Riverside launches new online shop

It’s been a long time coming but months of work behind the scenes have finally paid off.

We’ve just launched our online shop, which means new and existing customers can now buy our baling consumables, securely, via our website, from the comfort of their desk (or sofa!)

The introduction of the shop is the latest in a string of announcements from our team this year, which shows there’s far more to Riverside than just waste machinery.

MD Jonathan Oldfield explains: “The consumables side of the company has grown significantly over the years. Clients who invest in a waste baler from Riverside rarely go elsewhere when it comes to their baling tape, baling twine or baling wire. But increasingly, we’ve been approached by users of other machines, keen to purchase our consumables due to our cost-effective pricing.

“We’ve always worked hard to offer great deals that can’t be matched on price for the quality of the products. And slowly but surely, our consumables division has become a very strong part of the business.”

But not one to rest on our laurels, we’ve continued to think about how to attract more customers and provide an even more convenient service for people that already buy from us. An online shop was an obvious next step.

“We know that clients are increasingly time precious – so much so, even a call could take too long,” explains Jon. “We also know that working hours are changing and the 9-5 of ordering over the phone no longer suits every organisation. So, the creation of an online store made perfect sense for lots of reasons!”

There are lots of products stocked in the new Riverside store, from the obvious baling wire, tape and twine, through to other baling accessories including bag stands, bags, hooks and trolleys!Why not have a browse..?