Riverside launches final 2016 promotion – 10% off waste baler consumables

Riverside launches final 2016 promotion – 10% off waste baler consumables

In a constantly changing waste and recycling landscape, one thing remains the same – the price of our baler consumables. At Riverside, we continue to offer the most cost-effective baler tape, baling twine and baling wire in the industry. In fact, we haven’t changed the prices of these consumables for 10 years! How many businesses could say that about their products?

However, we’ve got that festive feeling in our North Yorkshire office. So, as a little Christmas gift to customers new and old, we’re offering 10% off any baler consumables orders placed this month. That means even more money in your back pocket as you get ready for the holiday period.

This offer ends at midday on Wednesday 21 December 2016, when you’ll be pleased to know we can still offer guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery. So, whether you’re running low on your baler tape, baler twine or baling wire, or you simply want to grab a bargain and stock up for the new year, take advantage of this special offer, whilst stocks last!

If you’re not sure which product is right for you, why not browse the consumables section of our website or read about our different options in detail. You can find more information at the following pages:

          Baler wire

          Baler tape

          Baler twine

You’re also welcome to contact us to discuss your specific needs, and we’ll be happy to provide a free quote. Call 01423 325038 or email sales@wastemachinery.co.uk to get the advice of our waste baling team.