Purchasing a waste baler…Riverside provides finance options to suit all

Riverside Waste Machinery

At Riverside, we have talked for years about the importance of considering the return on investment and added-value that our waste balers can bring to clients. Increasingly our customers are recognising that it is possible to save money or yield revenue – rather than incur costs – when dealing with waste. The days of viewing balers simply in terms of capital expenditure, are therefore long gone.

That said, whilst numerous ongoing cost savings make the investment worthwhile, funds are of course needed to initially purchase Riverside’s waste machinery. So acknowledging the financial pressures that have been placed on organisations in recent economic times, and keen to help clients develop smarter ways of managing their waste, Riverside has introduced a range of flexible waste baler procurement options.

Of course any piece of kit can be purchased outright, and indeed many companies set some budget aside for an investment of this kind. Other organisations on the other hand realise there is a benefit to be gleaned from utilising waste baling technology, but they seek a more manageable payment method. In this instance we will ask our leasing partner to source the best value deal for the customer, according to the machinery they wish to buy and whether they would like to pay on a monthly or quarterly basis. We can even offer refurbished machines on a rental basis.

The key thing is that at Riverside we acknowledge that there should not be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to working with clients. That’s why we have such a diverse number of waste balers in our range, and our finance packages are similarly varied.

To speak to a member of the Riverside team about the finance package that best suits your needs, please call 01423 325038, email us or complete our no obligation enquiry form today.