New waste consultancy service to empower recycling sector

New waste consultancy service to empower recycling sector

Leading UK waste baler provider Riverside Waste Machinery has launched a new consultancy service to complement its existing industry offering.

A free waste handling audit is now available for contacts old and new. By completing a small handful of carefully selected questions, Jonathan Oldfield and his team will cleverly audit the participant’s needs before advising how they can overhaul their approach to recycling and waste management. Depending on the organisation’s priorities, Riverside will then detail the best-fit baling approach for landfill diversion, volume reduction, and/or revenue generation, to name just a few benefits. And all of this without the client leaving the comfort of their desk.

Commenting on the newly-introduced, free online facility, Riverside’s MD Jonathan explains: “The waste consultancy service is something we’ve wanted to offer for some time. But the technological limitations of our previous website made this quite difficult.

“But now, with our intuitive new site, our clients are able to quickly and easily provide us with a rich insight into their in-house operations. There are only a few simple questions to answer, then we can do the rest.  This limits the need for them to trawl the internet and industry exhibitions in search of the perfect recycling solution, saving them valuable time, effort and money.”

If you’d like to take part in Riverside’s new waste handling audit, simply visit the consultancy page to progress through the carefully selected questions that the team needs you to answer. Or, if you’d prefer a more instant response, why not call the baling professionals on 01423 325038 or email