Less caps for England… and waste bales

Riverside Waste Machinery

Whilst, if we dare mention it, England may be out of the World Cup, it’s good to hear that there’s some good news to come out of Brazil for those of us who are still big kids at heart.

As baling experts we obviously advocate the whole reuse, renew, recycle philosophy and one of the most interesting innovations we have heard about recently has to be from Brazilian packaging company Clever Pack.

They have launched a range of reusable plastic bottle tops called Clever Caps. The caps leave the factory destined for a double life: the first is as a traditional plastic closure and the second is as a toy building block. What could make this invention so successful is their compatibility with some of the most popular building blocks in the world – including Lego. Such is their versatility, Clever Caps can also be used as a building element for practical everyday items such as chairs, lamps and other household items. Reuse indeed.

Clever Pack say that by creating a reusable product there is no need for recycling, additional energy consumption or the emission of polluting gases and residues.

What a great way to raise environmental and ecological awareness across all generations – and provide an economically viable product for industry and consumers alike. We wonder if you could construct a mini baler model out of them….