Home is where the recycling is

Riverside Waste Machinery

We read an interesting article this month which reported that whilst UK residents may be recycling at home, they don’t all necessarily continue their efforts in the workplace.

Office firm Avery is said to have commissioned a survey of 1,000 individuals, to help UK businesses discover greener ways of operating. Findings illustrated that whilst eight out of ten employees are encouragingly segregating their recyclable materials at home, four out of ten admitted not using the recycling bin at work.

This is intriguing enough in itself but when combined with the revelation that eight out of ten expressed disappointment with their employers’ environmental initiatives, it clearly shows that improvements are needed.

The article went on to highlight examples of bad office practice such as leaving equipment on standby or not printing on both sides of paper, so it is not difficult to see that significant environmental gains can be achieved via simple steps.

Traditionally offices have produced a huge volume of paper, plus food and drinks packaging waste too. Recycling such materials would not only uphold organisations’ environmental responsibilities but if the waste was baled, offices could generate an additional income stream too.

Waste balers are not solely limited to large-scale manufacturers, distributors or reprocessors; in our extensive range we have smaller models suitable for offices as well. If you would like to speak to a member of the Riverside team regarding a waste baling solution that could quickly achieve a return on investment for your organisation, call us on T: 01423 325038.