Did you know it’s Zero Waste Week?

Did you know it’s Zero Waste Week?

Despite sustainability and the reduction of waste being a permanent goal for many households and businesses, Zero Waste Week falls every September to remind individuals and companies of the importance of recycling, reducing landfill waste and participating in the circular economy.

This Grassroots campaign was launched by Rachelle Strauss in 2008 in order to raise awareness of the environmental impacts of waste.

Although the event formally runs during September (5-9), the organisation uses online platforms such as its blog and e-newsletter, to share suggestions about waste avoidance throughout the year.

So how does it work?

Individuals and businesses are invited to sign up online and in return are promised quarterly newsletters and one email every day during waste week, informing ways to become more sustainability-conscious.

Every year Zero Waste Week uses a different theme, with their 2016 focus “Use it up” highlighting the importance of tackling lazy food wastage. With the average household discarding £50 of food per month, Rachelle stresses the need for individuals to look to alternative uses for their excess food products.

Why should businesses sign up?

Rachelle suggests that businesses who sign up to Zero Waste Week can expect to improve their bottom line, build community links and enhance their CSR. The tips and advice given during these 7 days can help organisations to stop wasting money on buying and disposing of their materials, whilst increasing profits and getting motivated to become more sustainable. Adopting environmentally smarter thinking can help differentiate organisations from their competitors too, in the eyes of their ever-more discerning customers.

Commenting on the importance of initiatives such as Zero Waste Week, Riverside Waste Machinery’s managing director Jonathan Oldfield said: “This is a brilliant campaign to raise awareness of the importance of recycling, stressing how we should all aim to be as resourceful as possible, not just in September but throughout the rest of the year too!”

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