Companies Combine To Shred Tyre Mountain

Riverside Waste Machinery

A deal struck between two leading players in waste management and disposal is set to rid the country of mountains of used tyres and provide a big boost to the Government’s recycling initiatives.

North Yorkshire company Riverside Waste Machinery, a major national player in the provision of equipment to tackle industrial waste in an environmentally friendly manner, has just supplied a second tyre shredder to Ling Industrial Services, the Kent-based specialists in demolition and waste management which gets rid of a good percentage of the 40-million waste tyres generated each year across the UK.

Ling has added a purpose-built UNTHA RS100-4 secondary tyre shredder to an S120-2 shredder from the same company – for whom Riverside Waste are sole UK distributors – which it has been operating for three years. And the company’s founder and managing director Robin Ling is just as delighted with his new £250,000 purchase as he was with the initial one.

In fact it was the resounding success of the first UNTHA shredder which persuaded Mr Ling to return to Riverside when he wanted a second shredder.

He explains: “Like on the first occasion we went to the market place to see what the competition had to offer. There are cheaper shredders available but after being taken to see the RS100 at UNTHA’s Austrian base I knew straight away I was on to a winner. At the end of the day you get what you pay for and we have been highly delighted with both shredders. They are the best I have seen.”

And he paid a big tribute to Riverside’s managing director Chris Oldfield. “He has been fabulous and his company is one of the best I have ever dealt with. We might operate more than 200 miles apart but you would not think so from the speed of their responses to us.”

Ling Industrial Services, part of a group of companies launched in 1983 – just five years before Riverside Waste Machinery – has, in common with other tyre disposal companies, had to find ways of getting around a European ban on landfill site use.

So in came the first UNTHA to do the initial shredding job – it has never ‘‘missed a beat’’ all the time it has been operating, according to Mr Ling – followed by the new secondary shredder which works on pre-shredded rubber. It separates 99 per cent of the tyres’ metal content and leaves a residue of 20mm rubber chips ideal for use on projects like children’s playgrounds and horse exercise areas.

Mr Ling pinpoints strength and flexibility as two of the hallmarks of the UNTHA range, sentiments with which Mr Oldfield heartily agrees. “The RS100 represents a new generation of tyre shredding and metal separation equipment,’’ he says. “This will be good for the environment and help the Government to meet its recycling targets.”

Background information

Riverside Waste Machinery Ltd was formed in 1998 to offer a specialised service supplying waste handling equipment suitable for a range of industrial uses. It works in partnership with its clients to provide expert advice on the best available technologies and handling methods available for disposal of packaging, process and general wastes.

In less than a decade, the company has built up an enviable nationwide reputation for its services which as well as shredders include balers to form solid blocks for the reduction in volume of packaging wastes for recycling, which as a consequence combine ease of disposal with the avoidance of landfill taxes.

Riverside also specialises in waste compactors which have the dual advantage of greatly reducing the volumes of general waste combined with consequent savings in haulage costs.