Waste baler upgrade delivers greater reliability for printing firm

Waste baler upgrade delivers greater reliability for printing firm
Leeds-based Duffield Printers offers digital and litho printing services for customers throughout the country.  This popular award-winning company operates up to 24 hours a day, six days a week.
Reflecting the company’s commitment to the local community and environment, Duffield Printers was the first SME in the country to attain environmental accreditation in 1996.
The Challenge
As a leading organisation within the printing industry, Duffield creates a large volume of paper waste on a weekly basis. Acknowledging that this valuable material can be recycled and re-used, the firm has long used a baling press in order to create manageable paper bales that can be sold on for recycling.
Until very recently however, Duffield Printers had been using an unreliable and very outdated waste baler – which often broke down – to handle as much of their 15-25 tonnes of paper waste per month. Despite Duffield declaring themselves happy that the machine catered for their waste management needs, the breakdowns caused obvious problems for the firm – the more the baler broke down, the more waste would accumulate, posing storage issues.
Although the baler was not manufactured or supplied by Riverside Waste Machinery, Duffield took out a service contract with Jonathan Oldfield’s specialist engineering team. This meant spare parts could be sourced and the baler repaired when it broke down, but this was not an efficient or cost-effective approach to working for Duffield.
The need to upgrade Duffield’s baling machine was clearly evident.
The Solution
Duffield’s managing director Phil Jones spoke to the Riverside team of waste management experts, who recommended that replacing the existing machine with the RWM 75 compact waste baler was a responsible and financially sound business decision to make.
Phil of course double checked that Riverside was offering the best deal in terms of technology and price, but he was more than pleased with the suggested upgrade – the RWM 75 is the industry-leading equivalent of Duffield’s existing machine. This new waste baler has been in action at the company’s Leeds headquarters since January 2013.
Maintenance and reliability advantages aside, one of the biggest benefits of the new baler is the space that the machine saves. Paper waste can be compressed into manageable bales which the company stores conveniently in cages, before selling it on to a paper-waste company for recycling.
The Results
Acknowledging that paper recycling is a very sustainable area of waste management, Duffield strives to be a very environmentally friendly business. Phil is very impressed with the new machine, believing it supports his green approach to waste management and, ultimately, benefits the firm financially too.
He comments: “It is easy to use and we have every confidence that it will be an integral part of our business for many years to come. The Riverside team has been incredibly helpful throughout our relationship and we are very pleased with their knowledge and responsiveness, plus the quality of their machinery.”
Jonathan Oldfield concludes: “We are so keen to work with clients to develop affordable solutions that offer the greatest return on investment for them. I am delighted that Duffield now has a robust and reliable waste baling system in place.”