Unisurge International opts for a horizontal waste baler

Unisurge International opts for a horizontal waste baler

With a turnover of £15m and 185 staff, Unisurge International is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of surgical products – dressings, medical disposals and operating theatre apparatus.

Always striving to provide a better service to its healthcare clients, the company has invested extensively in purpose-built premises, a fleet of delivery vehicles, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and recycling facilities.

In accordance with plans to fully automate the company’s waste processing facilities, Unisurge recently upgraded its baling capacity with the purchase of a RWM HZ 70T horizontal baler from Riverside.


Unisurge and Riverside have a successful seven year working relationship. Having initially approached the waste machinery supplier in 2005 with a view to purchasing a cardboard baler (the RWM 400), Unisurge then went on to invest in an additional vertical baler for plastic waste (the RWM 75) the following year.

Now recycling a valuable 25 tonnes of plastics and cardboard a week, the company’s facilities team headed up by Bahram Farboud, approached Riverside for advice on gearing up to achieve fully automated waste processing.

The Challenge

Bahram and his team wanted to be able to upgrade their baling operations so that they could achieve higher throughput and larger bales. At the same time they were keen to ensure the equipment was not only easy to use and suitable for their current needs, but also capable of forming the integral link in their longer term waste management aims.

The Solution

Because of the excellent understanding Riverside has of Unisurge’s waste recycling operation, Bahram looked no further. Commenting on the decision he said: “Jonathan and Riverside have provided us with excellent advice and robust and reliable products in the past, so I knew just who I wanted to speak to discuss our new requirements.

“They are extremely knowledgeable and I fully trusted the solution they put forward – the HZ 70T horizontal mill size baler.”

“Like all good facilities managers I did double check my options to make absolutely sure we were getting the right advice and best deal! I’m pleased to say though that Riverside’s initial advice was spot on.”


Bahram concludes: “Situated in the yard to give us more space in the warehouse, the horizontal semi automatic baler is producing larger bales, more quickly and has the capability to integrate with additional waste processing equipment when we are ready – which is exactly what we wanted.

“Customer service is just as important as the product itself in the fast-moving arena of waste and recycling, but with Riverside we are satisfied on both counts.”