UK’s largest single importer of produce owns Riverside fleet of waste balers

UK’s largest single importer of produce owns Riverside fleet of waste balers

The background

Part of the Asda Walmart group, International Procurement and Logistics (IPL) globally sources and imports produce into the UK, for onward shipment into Asda distribution centres and stores. In fact, the Normanton-headquartered company is the biggest single importer of produce in the country.

With a strong sustainability mission running throughout the business, it is perhaps no surprise that responsible waste management and recycling practices are high on IPL’s agenda.

The challenge

With seven sites throughout the UK, handling different volumes of produce but each accumulating dry packaging waste as part of their daily operations, IPL’s waste management needs are multifaceted. IPL’s Group Environmental Facilitator Ashley Marsh is therefore continuously on the lookout for best-fit technology that will support the company’s strategy to be legislatively compliant, ethically sound and sustainably forward-thinking.

When Ashley approached the waste baler marketplace in 2009, he was on the lookout for a professional and flexible technology provider, capable of complementing IPL’s existing machinery and driving further environmental excellence within the business. IPL already had some balers in-situ, but the equipment was only rented and the overall solutions were not up to scratch.

He therefore sought an alternative technology provider with more attractive procurement options. His research stopped at North Yorkshire based Riverside.

The solution

With a comprehensive product range – renowned for a quality build and long-lasting engineering – Riverside provided Ashley with confidence that its balers were robust and good value for money.  The team’s approach to after-care and maintenance support also indicated a reassuring commitment to providing long term return on investments.

Conversations unfolded and, having audited IPL’s needs at that point in time, Riverside’s managing director Jonathan Oldfield recommended two waste baling solutions for the first site:

  • An RWM 400 mill size baler capable of producing bales of up to 450kg, for IPL’s polypropylene and polyethylene plastic materials
  • A powerful semi-automatic EX62 horizontal baler, to handle the bigger volumes of paper and cardboard that IPL was processing on a daily basis.

Ashley went to see an RWM 400 in action at one of Riverside’s other client sites, and was impressed enough to proceed with the investment.

The results

Fast forward to the present day and IPL has eight Riverside balers in operation across the UK. The fleet includes a mid-range RWM 150 vertical baling press, three RWM 400s, three RWM 500 mill size waste balers and the semi-automatic  EX62 horizontal machine.

The company bales approximately 20,000 tonnes of materials per annum and all is sent for recycling, predominantly in the UK.

Offering some overall thoughts, Ashley comments: “IPL has experienced significant growth over the past 10 years, and with this our recycling requirements have changed. As we strive to become ever-more sustainable in our approach to business, it is therefore in our best interests to take full ownership of our waste management process – hence our decision to continually invest in new waste baling technology, that we own outright.

“Since our relationship with Riverside began in 2010 I have been extremely impressed with not just the team’s machinery, but also their services. Like us, they view waste balers as value-adding assets that shouldn’t simply be fit for purpose and easy to operate, they should be proficiently looked after too. Their proactive, pre-planned maintenance packages are therefore fantastic as they keep our technologies in optimal running condition which helps safeguard the investment we’ve made.

“The team also demonstrates strong communication channels internally and with IPL as a customer, which means we benefit from powerful waste handling solutions that continually work.”

Riverside’s managing director Jonathan Oldfield adds: “At times this has been a complex contract for us. However, we’ve worked hard to provide the best-fit technology for the company’s evolving needs and on reflection, we’ve really enjoyed working with IPL, particularly an environmental professional as knowledgeable as Ashley.”