Specialist fruit importer buys second Riverside baler

Specialist fruit importer buys second Riverside baler


Jupiter Marketing is a specialist importer of fruits from around the world. With a vital link in the international supply chain, they ensure the highest quality fruit products are available to satisfy the discerning tastes of the end user.

Jupiter’s busy cold store and packing facility in Shropshire lies at the heart of the operation. The company first invested in an RWM 600 baler eight years ago but as the business has grown, so too has the amount of ‘waste’ materials that the company has to handle.

The Challenge:

Importing fruits from all over the world, it was perhaps no surprise that Jupiter Marketing would quickly accumulate a large amount of plastic and cardboard packaging. Acknowledging that this valuable material could be recovered, they wanted to bale and recycle the waste for the environmental benefits as well as the return of investments it gives.

After buying their first baler eight years ago, Jupiter decided to invest in another machine to better manage the high levels of dry recyclable waste being produced. The volume of materials at the Shropshire headquarters had become unmanageable for just one baler.

The Solution:

In March 2013 Jupiter invested in a second Riverside baler – the RWM 400. Impressed with the great service they had received with their original machine purchase, they had no hesitation contacting Jonathon Oldfield and the team at Riverside Waste Machinery for an additional solution for its plastic waste. Ease of maintenance, reliability and Riverside’s commitment to outstanding customer service made this an easy decision.

Like the RWM 600, the powerful RWM 400 waste baler has also been designed for organisations wishing to produce mill size bales. It is easy to use but has robust capabilities including automatic bale ejection, fitted retaining claws to prevent material spring back and a full stroke ram.

The Results:

Feedback from Jupiter Marketing speaks for itself:

“These reliable machines have enabled us to recycle our waste efficiently and have been an excellent investment. We now bale about one tonne of dry recyclables a week and feel we are making our company far more environmentally friendly,” said Kevin Jones, Purchasing Manager.

“Riverside’s customer service has been excellent and if a problem has occurred the team has been there immediately to help us.”