Road haulage service provider opts for Riverside’s full service and maintenance package

Road haulage service provider opts for Riverside’s full service and maintenance package


Clark Transport Ltd is a Widnes-based provider of general road haulage services.

The family business – which was set up by brothers Alan and Brian Clark in 1953 – has grown gradually since its inception. And currently, the main operation of the firm is to sort, clean and repair pallets for a major distributor operating across the Midlands, North West and North East of England.

The company currently employs approximately 60 staff, based either in production or driving, and has a fleet of 14 arctic trucks.

The Challenge

When pallets arrive into the main depot they are stripped of any excess plastic, paper and cardboard, which results in high levels of waste on-site.

Presenting a fire and safety hazard if not contained and properly controlled, the materials require either recycling or disposing of quickly to minimise risk, a process which Clark Transport needed to refine as volumes increased.

Chris Carson, fleet manager at Clark Transport Ltd said: “We knew that a baler was the answer to our packaging problem, as it would enable us to compress a large amount of material, instead of merely storing it in cages as a bulk entity.”

After sourcing a baler, the search for a reliable agent to service the machine therefore began, with Clark Transport investigating various companies online, leading them to Riverside Waste Machinery.

The Solution

Clark Transport liaised with the team at Riverside, and following brief discussions they opted for a full service, maintenance and training package from the provider.  

Chris added: “We chose Riverside due to the excellent level of customer support and the competitive services on offer. In addition, the extra help provided – in terms of fantastic operator training given to staff and a free operating manual – made Jonathan and his team an obvious choice.”

The Results

Chris and the rest of the staff currently produce and recycle between four to six 250kg bales of cardboard and plastic per week, each measuring approximately 1.5m².

Chris added: “A major benefit of the machine is the reduction in waste volume due to the easy storage of bales, ensuring no health and safety issues or environmental concerns. Now we have a fully-fledged support package from Riverside, the ease of baling is incredible.

“We also order baling wire directly from Riverside, which arrives within a day, and can’t fault the service from start to finish – the decision to go with Riverside was certainly a good one!”

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