FD Todd Ltd buys Riverside waste balers for its own customers

FD Todd Ltd buys Riverside waste balers for its own customers
Leading waste recovery and recycling firm FD Todd Ltd (Todd Waste Management) became so impressed with Riverside Waste Machinery’s range of baling technology, that the company now buys the machinery for its own customers…
FD Todd Ltd (Todd Waste Management) is a waste management and recycling company with a growing number of licensed facilities for the disposal of construction, demolition, commercial, industrial, household and hazardous waste. Established in North Yorkshire in 1900, this innovative organisation has continued to grow as the pace of change within the waste and recycling arena has gathered.
The Challenge:
Already reaping the benefits of waste baling on its own sites, Todd Waste Management sought to provide customers with waste baling solutions too.
Passionate about sending zero waste to landfill, Todd works with companies to develop recycling strategies that will save them money whilst also contributing towards the UK’s environmental agenda. Waste audits allow Todd to consider the most efficient ways for customers to manage their waste, which includes materials such as cardboard, paper, plastics and aluminium to name just a few. Todd then seeks to supply a range of equipment to enable the easier and more cost-effective handling of these recyclables, which of course is where waste balers come in.
The Solution:
With the UK’s most extensive selection of vertical baling machinery suited to an array of dry recyclables plus the mill size, semi automatic RWM HZ 70T – a competitively priced horizontal waste baler and the newest machine in the range – Riverside’s waste balers offering is vast. Add to that the fact that all machines can be purchased outright or leased depending upon customer requirements, and it is clear that Riverside is a flexible waste machinery specialist that clients can trust.
In 2012, Todd Waste Management purchased several models from Riverside’s waste baling expert Jonathan Oldfield, including the compact RWM 75RWM 75 twins, an RWM 200 quad chamber baler allowing the customer to handle four waste streams at once, the mid range RWM 250 and the mill size RWM 500. This has not only enabled Todd customers to achieve greater value from their recyclable materials, but the technology has ensured that these ‘waste’ products have been successfully diverted from landfill.
The Results:
These reliable machines have achieved waste volume reduction, improved material segregation and handling, and cost savings for Todd Waste Management’s customers.
Installed seamlessly and delivered with excellent user training, Riverside’s customer service was rated as exemplary. So much so that further waste balers have since been placed on order!