Board & Polythene Waste Baler Helps Belvoir Turn Rubbish into Revenue

Board & Polythene Waste Baler Helps Belvoir Turn Rubbish into Revenue


Renowned for its high-end premium adult drinks, Lincolnshire-based Belvoir Fruit Farms manufactures a range of cordials, pressés and ready to drink fruit juices which it supplies to retailers throughout the country.

The Challenge:

In recent years Belvoir has seen demand for its products soar. And this period of unprecedented growth has led to an increase in the amount of re-cyclable waste that the business generates. Belvoir currently produces around 2.5 tonnes of waste per week – predominantly from packaging materials including cardboard, polythene and polypropylene. This represents a 50% increase in waste over the last four years. And although Belvoir already had a small twin baler, it was no longer adequate for handling these increased volumes.

But the ability to manage waste efficiently is only part of the story. For Belvoir has also identified that when processed correctly, baled waste provides a useful revenue stream and avoids the costs that would be incurred by sending the waste to landfill.

Belvoir therefore needed a waste baler for re-cycling their board and polythene that could handle the increased volumes whilst maximising the opportunities to sell on the baled waste.

The Solution:

Following a word-of-mouth endorsement, Belvoir approached Riverside Waste Machinery in April 2013. After reviewing Belvoir’s requirements, Riverside recommended their RWM 500 baler.

One of Riverside’s most popular and widely used balers, the RWM 500 is a mill size waste baler which produces bales of up to 550kg, each measuring 1200 x 1500 x 760mm. And with a high demand for processed waste, the baled materials can be easily sold, providing an important revenue stream for businesses.

The Results:

With its capability to produce bigger bales, the RWM 500 has made Belvoir’s waste processing more efficient. Once processed, the bales are also easier to handle and store. Belvoir is now recycling 30-40% more waste and expects the new baler to provide a return on investment within just 20 months – and possibly sooner if volumes continue to grow.

Commenting on the investment, Frank Fitzgibbons, production director at Belvoir Fruit Farms says: “We’re very pleased with the reliability and robustness of the new baler. It’s also incredibly easy to use and maintain. Of course, service is important too and we’ve been very impressed by Riverside’s after sales care – every step from the delivery to the installation has gone smoothly.

“For any other companies looking to invest in a new waste baler, I would say look for a machine that is built to last and a provider that will offer a good quality of service from the outset.”

The combination of increased product sales plus the new baler has seen a 40% improvement in the handling of re-cyclable material and with growth set to continue, the company may look to invest in additional waste balers to increase revenue further.