Best kit I ever bought…

Best kit I ever bought…

In December, our client Todds Waste Management was interviewed by leading industry journal Skip Hire Magazine, for the popular monthly feature ‘Best Kit I Ever Bought’. If you missed the write up, you can read the article in full here…

Name: Matthew Pearson

Business: Todd Waste Management

Type of business: Integrated waste management – collection, sorting and recycling to achieve zero waste to landfill.

Location covered: Primarily Yorkshire, and now other parts of Northern England and beyond.

What was the best kit you ever bought?

In terms of opening our eyes to more efficient waste handling at our customers’ sites, it was the first of 15 RWM vertical waste balers, which we purchased over the last ten years.

How has it improved your business?

By installing balers at clients’ sites throughout Yorkshire and beyond, we’ve improved the efficiency of our waste collection services, which has enabled us to achieve a wider geographical spread. This has fuelled the growth of our business, whilst reducing carbon footprint responsibilities and improving customers’ waste efficiencies too.

Did it deliver a good return on investment?

Yes. The balers are cost-effective machines that don’t break down. Because waste materials are neatly baled, we can now collect larger loads, less frequently and much more quickly. We’ve saved time and maximised ours and customers’ revenue potential.

How easy was it to train staff up on it?

By design, the machines are simple to operate, therefore training was very straightforward and provided as part of the arrangement.

Did you experience any teething problems?

Very few problems, but all were rectified very quickly. The service back-up has been outstanding.

How soon will it need replacing?

The balers are simple, strong and well maintained, so don’t expect we’ll need to replace them for many years.

When it comes to replacing, will you stick to the same model, or look around for a different brand?

We keep a keen eye on the marketplace at all times, but are unlikely to swap because of the quality of the machinery and accompanying service.

Would you recommend it to other skip hire companies?

Yes absolutely, and to other companies handling waste materials too.

What lasting effects has the kit made to your company?

The balers are an integral piece of our waste handling jigsaw – without them, our waste management services would not be as efficient, and we wouldn’t be able to justify supporting clients further afield.

Does it affect the wider community?

We maximise our transport loads, thus reducing the impact our trucks have on the environment, when out on the road. The baling of ‘waste’ materials on clients’ sites also results in cleaner, tidier and safer spaces for them to work in. As a business, the more companies we can help to achieve zero waste to landfill, the more we protect the world in which we live.

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