Baler of the month – January – RWM Bag Press

Baler of the month – January – RWM Bag Press

In the first instalment of the ‘baler’ of the month this year, we’re introducing the RWM bag press (we promise next month we will be back to featuring official balers!) As another of our newest offerings, we simply had to give it a mention, so here, Riverside Waste Machinery’s MD – Jonathan Oldfield – provides its key features and benefits…

Describe this machine in one sentence:

A cost-effective way to reduce your waste volumes by up to 90%, the bag press is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

What type of organisations use it?

With its small footprint, this machine is typically used by garage forecourts, hotels, retail outlets, universities, small hospitality establishments, and many more.

What materials can this machine handle?

The RWM bag press can handle both wet and dry kitchen recyclables, including food and kitchen waste.

What is the compaction ratio of this machine?

Up to 10:1.

Is a warranty included?

Yes, a 12 month full parts and labour warranty is included as standard, and optional service and maintenance packages are also available.

Describe this machine in 3 words:

Impressive financial savings!

Anything else?

The machine has simple controls and quickly compresses materials into manageable sealed bags. The low operational height – with top loading – increases ease of use and the split chamber allows for simple removal of bags. Overall, it results in less mess, more space and decreases the number of waste collections required!

Where can you find out more information about this machine?

By visiting the dedicated Bag Press page or by contacting us directly. People are welcome to call us on 01423 325038 for an informal chat or they can email to outline their requirements in more detail.

Look out for the next baler of the month feature in February, or follow us on Twitter for our latest news, updates and offers.