‘Baler’ of the month – April – Bag stand

‘Baler’ of the month – April – Bag stand

Ok…so it’s absolutely not a baler we are featuring this month! But it IS a firm customer favourite – and is selling like hot cakes – so we simply HAD to feature the humble bag stand for April…

Describe this product in one sentence:

A compact polythene bag stand, which keeps sites tidier – without breaking the bank.

What type of organisations use it?

This machine is perfect for any type of organisation which handles polythene waste – users of our plastic balers love this product!

Why get one?

Well polythene bags aren’t exactly the most exciting of recyclables. But they’re a waste that is so easy to tackle, at an affordable rate, if you simply use a bag stand.

Where should it be located?

The compact stand can be neatly placed, virtually anywhere around a site, so that polythene waste can be collected at source – only when the bag is full does it need to be taken for baling.

What are the benefits?

Less hassle, reduced waste handling, less wasted time, the same great recycling rates and a far tidier site.

Describe this product in 3 words:

Small and affordable!

Where can you purchase them?

Currently on offer at BUY ONE GET ONE FREE* when you also buy a box of polythene bags, the bag stand is available to purchase online via our secure shop! People are also welcome to call us on 01423 325038 or they can email sales@wastemachinery.co.uk to outline any further requirements in more detail.

Look out for our next baler of the month feature in May (which will be an actual ‘baler’ – we promise!) or follow us on Twitter for our latest news updates and offers.

*available until 21/04/18