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Have you seen our new bag stands?

They’re one of the simplest products that we have to offer, and they’re selling like hot cakes!

Why? Because plastic waste is a growing issue for many UK organisations. And, the bigger the site, the bigger the problem.

But not with our bag stands.

Simply position these at strategic points within a facility to ensure polythene waste is collected at source.

There’s no need to walk to the baler EVERY time a bag is handled, but equally no temptation to throw it in the bin!

The result? Clean and tidy sites, material ready for recycling and all without breaking the bank.

Take advantage of our buy one get one free offer* – call 01423 325038 or purchase online via our secure shop! * buy one get one free when you buy a box of bags and delivery is still chargeable – this offer is valid until Saturday 5th May 2018

Bag stand offer

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