Aluminium can recycling praise

Aluminium can recycling praise

With so much doom and gloom dominating the media headlines at present (we don’t even need to say the B word for you to know what we’re talking about), we thought we’d post a more positive blog steeped in praise.

And that praise is certainly deserved.

The humble drinks can is a product many of us will handle on a daily basis – before disposing of it responsibly of course! But there’s been a lot of conversation surrounding aluminium beverage cans recently. Here’s why…

Back in January, European Aluminium released a statement announcing that aluminium beverage can recycling had reached a record high. With their latest figures showing a recycling rate of 71.3%, the 80% target for 2020 now looks well within reach.

There were some other interesting stats in the press release too. More than 28 billion cans have reportedly been recycled across the whole of Europe, for instance, which equates to 400,000 of aluminium metal, retained within the continent and supporting a circular economy. This sustainable process saves up to 95% of the energy used/greenhouse gases emitted to produce primary aluminium. It all stacks up to be a very robust and valuable system.

Used beverage cans’ (UBC) recyclability was also commended in a new report by the Aluminium Association. The organisation said that aluminium cans are the most environmentally sound packaging choice for drinks, compared to alternative options such as glass or plastic, due to their infinite recyclability.

Beverage manufacturers with a ‘green’ conscience will also be pleased to hear that 44% of consumers say cans enable brands to deliver the best graphics too. So, if they’re great from a marketing and engagement perspective, and they’re lightweight and efficient to transport, it seems there’s also a solid business case for this type of packaging.

It’s no wonder interest in our waste baler for aluminium drinks cans is so high!

Are you a beverage manufacturer or retailer utilising different forms of drinks packaging? You may be interested in our RWM 40 PET baler, suitable for UBCs, PET bottles and cardboard vending cups.


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