A fond farewell to a familiar face at Riverside

A fond farewell to a familiar face at Riverside

Having devoted more than a decade of her working life to Riverside Waste Machinery, it’s time for the team to bid a fond farewell to our director and office manager Debbie Oldfield. Before she departed to enjoy her much-deserved retirement, we put the spotlight on her one final time, and asked her 10 questions about her role, the business and what’s next…

1. How long have you been with the company?

I’ve worked for Riverside for 12 years.

2. Describe your role to date

I’ve kept the office ticking over, maintaining the heart of our business operations from an administration and accounts perspective.

3. If you could summarise the present day Riverside in just 3 words, which words would you pick?

Proactive, successful and caring.

4. Could you name one particularly memorable highlight?

In late 2011, Riverside sold the shredding division to UNTHA, meaning the company could concentrate solely on the provision of waste balers, baler consumables and associated support services. It was a big move, which saw Jonathan Oldfield take the reins. But it proved a fantastic decision, with both businesses now hugely successful as separate entities.

5. What’s been the best bit about working for the company?

I’ve particularly loved being a part of the journey since this pivotal change in 2011. The brand name has gone from strength to strength, and the reputation for which Riverside has now become renowned for, is something for the team to be incredibly proud of. I’m so pleased I was on board during these exciting years.

6. What’s your one hope for the business moving forward?

I hope that the team’s success will continue long into the future. The company has survived economic turbulence and difficult market conditions to date, which is a testament to the high quality technology and customer service that Riverside supplies to clients large and small. I hope they will thrive as the industry further evolves. They’ve certainly got the right team and ethos, to do just that!

7. What will you do on your first day of retirement?

Get out into the fresh air and walk my two dogs Holly and Poppy.

8. And do you have any big plans for the next 12 months?

I’m particularly looking forward to a longer holiday than normal – my husband Chris and I are setting off to explore the Outer Hebrides this summer, in our motorhome.

9. What will you most miss about coming to work at Riverside?

I will really miss the office banter – I’ve become so used to seeing the same friendly faces every day. Similarly, it will be sad to not be in contact with the customers and suppliers I have built strong relationships with over the years, although I know they’ll be in good hands.

10. Any parting words?       

Best wishes and good luck to the team – long may Riverside prosper!

And a few final words from managing director Jonathan Oldfield…

“Debbie wasn’t just your ordinary team member. She has been an integral part of everything that Riverside has grown to become, so she will be hugely missed by colleagues, clients, suppliers and partners alike. But, in true Debbie style, she has left no stone unturned in terms of ensuring we have everything in place to keep the office running like clockwork, now she’s gone. She deserves a wonderful retirement, and I hope everyone involved in Riverside will join me in wishing her all the best.”