A Day in the Life of… Louise Jaggar

A Day in the Life of… Louise Jaggar

At Riverside Waste Machinery, we’re proud to have a team of employees possessing a range of extremely varied skills and qualities – each relevant to their own role. So, we’ve decided to let some of our staff fill you in on what a ‘typical working day’ looks like for them.

Next to feature is our PR manager, Louise Jaggar. Find out more about how she prioritises her day, winds down on an evening, and what she’d be if she didn’t work in PR…

What time does your day begin and what’s the first thing you do?

I’m typically up at 6.45 – shower and a coffee are first on the list!

Before you start work, what does your typical morning routine consist of?

Getting the kids ready for school – including preparing their packed lunches – before dropping them off for the day then getting to work.

The working day begins – what’s the first task on your list?

Get another coffee and go through my plan for the day ahead.

How do you prioritise your jobs for the day?

I like to think that organisation is my middle name, so I will make a conscious effort to have a plan for the whole working week and prioritise each day accordingly. However, nobody can plan for every eventuality, so I have to be flexible with any urgent tasks that land unexpectedly, and shuffle other things as required.

Meetings – do you see these as important or avoid where possible?

Definitely important, as long as they are necessary – and a clear agenda is in place, to avoid wasting unnecessary time.

Lunchtime arrives – do you take a break?

Generally, yes. I work school hours so my days can often feel short, but it’s important to take a screen break – even if it’s only for a short period of time and a quick walk round the block!

What one item could you not be without to help you do your job?

My second screen – it has been an actual lifesaver and whenever I work off my laptop alone, I feel so much less productive!

When does your working day finish?

Usually 3pm, in time for the school run, and 5pm on Fridays. I’m flexible though, and will work extra hours as and when required!

How do you prepare for the next day?

By making sure my plan for the next day is as clear, in terms of responsibilities, as possible and I’m ready for any meetings I have on.

What’s your wind-down tactic on an evening?

Watching the latest ITV drama (although it’s currently ‘I’m a Celebrity) and then reading a book in bed.

If you weren’t a PR manager, what would you like to be?

Something in the entertainment industry – I’ve danced since the age of three so I was destined for a career on the stage!

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering working in the waste industry? 

Do it. This industry really is key to the future of our planet.

Describe your job in one word….