A buyer’s guide to second hand balers

A buyer’s guide to second hand balers

With so many modern machines ‘built to last’ it’s perhaps no surprise the used baler market is booming. But, just as you wouldn’t buy a second hand car without doing your research, it’s important that you know what to look for when buying a pre-owned baling press too.

With careful consideration, a used or refurbished baler could be a very wise and cost-savvy investment that will reap returns long into the future. But how do you distinguish a ‘top find’ from a ‘poor deal’?

Whether you’re searching on an eBay auction or buying from a waste machinery supplier, here are our top tips:

·         Know what you want from the machine

Just because you’re buying a used baler rather than a brand new machine doesn’t mean you should deviate from your specification. Don’t be tempted to settle for a baler that doesn’t offer the functionality or capacity you require. It will soon become apparent that it can’t fulfil your requirements, and you’ll be left baler hunting again within months.

·         Look for signs of wear and tear

Sometimes a baler will show signs of age and in many cases this isn’t a big problem, providing the manufacturer is renowned for its robust construction of such machines. Many balers are built to have a long service life but excessive wear could indicate that the press hasn’t been looked after. One of the benefits of buying a used baler from a machinery supplier is that they may be able to fully or partially refurbish it to a ‘like new’ condition. Alternatively check over the machine, service it and guarantee it is fit for re-sale. This means you get a great quality machine for a second hand price.

·         Ask specific questions

There are a few key questions you can ask to gain an insight into how resilient the baler is likely to be in future. Of course, enquire as to its condition and if it works, but don’t be afraid to be specific. Have the rams been left extended for example, and therefore exposed to moisture? Then, request confirmation that the machine is fully operational and ask to see it in action. The manner in which a baler has operated in the past will often directly influence its future working life too.

·         Request a health check report

Don’t go into the investment ‘blind’. Ask for a health check of the used baler you’re looking at and carefully digest the report before signing on the dotted line. This will give you a clear understanding of the baler’s condition, operational and service history, any faults, integrity of the baling chamber, and so on. If the vendor is unable to provide such information, you have to question the transparency of the purchase.

·         Understand what is included within the purchase

A used baler bought direct from a previous user, or even via eBay, may appear to have a low price tag if it is bought as a standalone piece of kit. However, cheap doesn’t mean good value. It is still possible to buy – or hire – a used baler, inclusive of operator training, service inspections and maintenance. This will boost your return on investment and give you greater peace of mind long into the future.

·         Think about ‘what next’

It is important to remember that a baler is an asset which needs to perform. So, when you’ve followed the advice outlined above, checked the condition of your chosen machine and found the perfect bargain, think about locating a partner to help you maintain its optimum running condition long into the future. Look for a waste baling specialist that can provide after sales services and support including maintenance, service inspections, repairs, spare parts, training (including bi-annual refresher training for certified competence) and baler consumables.

·         Enquire about trade in options

If you already have a second hand baler of your own, consider a trade in, to make your next purchase even more economical!

Even the most experienced baling experts don’t always get it right first time and many have been known to be misled by sellers. If you need any more advice about investing in a used baler, please contact Riverside Waste Machinery on 01423 325038 or email sales@wastemachinery.co.uk. If you’re ready to start ‘shopping’, please visit our used baler page to see what machines we currently have to offer.