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Riverside Waste Machinery - baler operator training
10th April 2017 in by Punch Admin

Operator Training

Riverside’s team of experienced engineers don’t just service and maintain waste balers. They also deliver certified operator training when our machines are first installed. But what if operators move on to a new role and leave a skills gap within the workforce? We can train your new recruits! And what if experienced operators have picked up bad habits or forgotten things along the way? We can provide refresher sessions to ensure nobody cuts corners!


Riverside Waste Machinery - baler training
3rd July 2015 in by Punch Admin

Service & Maintenance

Your waste baler is a value-adding business asset that can reap significant cost and environmental saving benefits for your organisation, for years to come. But very much like a car, it will benefit from routine servicing and proactive maintenance to ensure optimum performance.

That’s why we will service, maintain and repair any waste baler, regardless of your UK location. If you have an emergency requirement, our engin...

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Spare Parts

Even the most robust and well-maintained waste balers require spare parts from time to time.

With comprehensive stock levels, competitive pricing and rapid delivery times, our waste baler consultants can satisfy all your spare parts requirements. And if you’re not sure exactly what component(s) you require, make the most of their expertise and allow them to help you with your purchase.


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10th April 2017 in by Punch Admin


Because we’re hugely committed to customer satisfaction, we provide a range of waste baler services that are available to you long after the initial installation of one of our machines. So, what can we do for you today? Explore the support services that we have to offer or to discuss your needs, call 01423 325038 and we’ll be happy to help.


3rd July 2015 in by Punch Admin

Cost Benefits

If you need help building the business case for your waste baler investment, allow us to talk you through the cost benefits, utilising figures relevant to your particular procurement scenario.

We’ll show you how, on average, your waste baler will have paid for itself within 12-18 months. However, depending on the volume and type of materials being handled, and the baling technology you select, an ROI can be seen as quick...

Riverside Waste Machinery's MD Jonathan Oldfield
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Waste Handling Consultancy

Would you like to improve your approach to waste handling and recycling, but don’t know how? Our experienced consultants will happily provide a free, no obligation audit of your business needs, before advising how you can strengthen your environmental credentials and reduce your waste costs.


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Buyers Guide

With so many machines available in the marketplace – vertical balers, horizontal balers, mill-size balers, combination shredder baler combination units and more – it can be difficult to work out the most suitable investment for your business. Firstly there’s the terminology to get your head around, plus a plethora of suppliers to consider. It can even be mind boggling understanding exactly what your waste handling requirements really are.

10th April 2017 in by Punch Admin

Referral Scheme

Since Riverside was established in 1997, we’ve secured a staggering 70% of new business from word of mouth recommendations. So, to show our appreciation for the kind introductions that are repeatedly made on our behalf, we’ve come up with a way of saying thank you! Now, for every referral that leads to a new waste baler sale or rental contract, we will send a £50 Amazon, Argos or M&S voucher to the person responsible for the introduction. If you’re not a fan of shopping, the vouche...

RWM 400 mill size waste baler for sale
24th August 2017 in by Punch Admin

Waste Baler Hire

If you’re struggling to raise the capital or would rather spread the cost of your machine over a fixed period, talk to us about our affordable waste baler rentals. You benefit from the same great baling technology, plus servicing and maintenance support, all for one...


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