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RWM 40 PET waste baler

Baler of the month – November – RWM 40PET Compact

In this latest ‘baler of the month’ instalment, we ask Jonathan Oldfield – Riverside Waste Machinery’s MD – to explain the key features and benefits of the RWM 40PET machine…Describe this machine in one sentence:A compact and lightweight PET waste baler, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.What type of organisations use it?...

Jonathan Oldfield and a member of the Techbuyer team

Data centre equipment specialist opts to bale with Riverside

Techbuyer – a global leader in the purchase, refurbishment and sale of IT equipment – has recently invested in a waste baler from Riverside Waste Machinery, in an effort to continually reduce the amount of waste material it sends to landfill.The RWM500 mill size machine supplied by the Boroughbridge-based provider is now being used to bale cardboard, which is then recycled.Tom Reid, operations manager at Techbuyer, said: ...

Book a waste baler trial

Want to put a baler through its paces?

It’s one thing us telling people how capable our balers are. It’s another thing when our clients share waste and recycling stories that evidence our bold claims. But it’s a different thing altogether when we let companies try out a baler for themselves!For many people, the proof is in the pudding. So, we no longer simply expect potential customers to take our word for it.We have recently launched a ...

Demand rising for UK waste balers

Interest in UK waste balers heats up

Whether you’d like to think it’s because of the country’s growing recycling prowess or reputation for engineering excellence, there can be no disputing the fact that demand for UK waste balers is hotting up.In truth, the current economic climate has probably got a large part to play in this influx of overseas enquiries. Ongoing Brexit commentary has resulted in a weak pound which ...

Riverside Waste Machinery's 300LH

Baler of the month – October – RWM 300LH

Riverside Waste Machinery’s MD Jonathan Oldfield describes the key features and benefits of the newest addition to the range – the RWM 300 Low Height waste baler – in the latest ‘baler of the month’.Describe this machine in one sentence:This mid-range waste baler is the perfect machine for organisations with restricted site space but BIG recycling ambitions! ...

RWM300LH low height baler

Riverside launches new baler for space-restricted sites

Riverside Waste Machinery has introduced a new machine into its range, designed specifically for size-constrained client sites.The RWM 300LH is so-called because the robust machine is ideal for ‘low height’ spaces. At less than 2m tall it is much shorter than the majority of its medium-sized counterparts, but this does not impact on the ...

Our aftersales support

A number of organisations – especially those making the first step to improve their waste handling capabilities – are a little apprehensive about what happens after their investment in a waste baler. What if their plant manager gets a new job and there’s a knowledge gap? What if they make a mistake and a small repair is needed? These worries are perhaps natural, but there’s really nothing to panic about.

Firstly, our waste balers are incredibly easy to use, but secondly, our baling engineers will be with you every step of the way, long after the initial procurement. Providing training, service and maintenance expertise, spare parts or simply a waste handling review, we’ll help you maximise the return from your investment, for years to come.

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